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New Mexico

Andy Edmister is a passionate Dental Practice Transition Specialists, serving most of Texas and New Mexico. Andy's key competencies lie in the business aspect of dentistry and practice management. Combining his business know-how, with his integrity, and undeniable dedication to his clients, Andrew has been a top-performer in the Dental Industry for over 15 years with companies such as Dentsply, Henry Schein and Benco Dental. He is a proud Board Member of “Smiles for a Lifetime,” volunteers for “Give Kids a Smile,” and Seattle Study Club and numerous other Dental organizations. He has spent over 500 hours training in Clinical and Practice Management C.E. Additionally, he received his B.A. from Texas Tech University.

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What Others Are Saying

  • "I would definitely do it again. It was really a really good experience. I’m not just saying that for this interview. I wouldn’t have done the interview if I didn’t think that. But Andy just said, ‘Text me anytime of the day or night. Whatever you need, just ask questions.’ He would find an answer for it. We had many, many ups and downs all the way through the whole process. Andy even helped us when we had to have the meeting with the staff and say, ‘Hey, this is coming down the pipe.’ He ran the meeting and answered questions. A lot of people were worried and things. It just made it a lot easier. A lot of the uneasiness, he calmed it down a lot. “I just think they’re highly accurate. They work for you. Very friendly, very knowledgeable, and they’ll take care of you. If you have any issues, you tell them, and they’ll watch out extra carefully, just to make sure those issues are covered before you actually sell. There was no time in the process where I couldn’t have walked up to him and said, ‘Andy, this isn’t right. We’re out of here.’ He would’ve said, ‘Okay, let’s go. Let’s move on."

    --John Johnson, DDS

  • "...they go above and beyond what has to be done to list a practice. I can’t say enough good about ddsmatch . . . they did everything that I needed help done. They supplied all the paperwork, all the forms. They did all of the listing and advertising, and all I had to do was be there to open the door when they brought someone out."

    --Bill Dean, DDS

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